Apple Watch Challenge: Update and Recommit

The last few weeks have been busy.  Really busy.  I have had a lot going on with work and with family.  On the weekends, I have had both a mud race and a ragnar relay.  Because I have been so busy and had long races on weekends, I haven’t been focused on meeting my daily goals.  I havent been too concerned though either because I figured my weekends would make up for my week.  On ragnar, for instance, I met the move goal by more than 300% and earned the 300 badge.  I figured all of the weekend exercise would make up for what I missed here or there.  I finally decided it was time to check in and get on the scale.  I found out that I am up 2 lbs.

One time workouts don’t solve the problem of stressing or poor diet.  Sure, they are better than nothing (don’t quote me on that-I’m not a doctor) but getting fit isn’t quick and easy.  If I am serious about this, it is really about changing my lifestyle if I want to change my life.  I can’t rely on exercising here or there to make my goals.  Eating healthy on Monday doesn’t mean I can eat everything and anything the rest of the week.  I need to focus on meeting my goals daily, weekly and monthly.  I think daily work on a lifetime goal is hard.  I am not seeing the benefit of my run instantly.  I am not seeing amazing improvement everyday.  If I do 100 situps right now and then rip off my shirt, I won’t magically find six pack abs.  I don’t feel the instant gratification of change.  Now, I do feel better after exercising.  I do feel better when I eat healthy.  Sometimes it is still hard for me to weigh the benefit of how I will feel after compared to how I feel now.  I feel great after I finish a marathon, or a hard work out, etc. but during, I don’t want to do it all the time.  I want to quit.  I think its at those moments that I have to recommit to my goals and see it through.

I have been glad to have the watch with Apple’s daily reminder helps me recommit to live healthier everyday.  I am even grateful for it as a reminder even when I don’t follow through.  I am excited to jump back into this and keep working towards my goal.  I like that Apple restarts its goals each week with a summary from last week to propel you into this week.  It gives me an easy opportunity to recommit and continue working towards my goal.