Beats Wireless Studio

Beats 1

I love my beats headphones.  I have white and silver mac products so I went with the matching white headphones.  I bought the Beats Wireless Studio with Adaptive Noise Cancellation.  The noise canceling is really nice on them.  I recently was on a flight and the noise canceling cut out the sound of the plain.  I like that I can listen to them both wirelessly and wired.  I sit near an AC vent at work and these headphones block out that noise well.

The one thing that I don’t like about them is the fact that when the battery dies, so does the music.  I cannot listen to them once the battery is dead when plugging them into my device.  I think it is too bad that the speakers are tied to the battery and there is no way to bypass the noise canceling and continue to use the headphones like regular headphones.  Other than that, I love them.  They are super comfortable.  I bought mine at best buy.  I tried on each pair of beats and these were the most comfortable to me.