Live A Better Day Challenge: Earning Awards

Yesterday, I was able to go for an hour long run.  I really enjoyed it.  It was so nice to get out and run.  I ran on a river trail and it was so nice to get away from the commotion and run along the river.  Because I was able to go for an hour, I earned some “Apple Awards”.  One award I earned yesterday was “Move Goal 200%”

Version 2

I kind of like the gamification aspect of the activity app but wish that it had a more competitive feel to it.  It would be fun to compete against friends and family and earn more rewards.  I am sure that apple has privacy concerns as far as comparing health data one person to another but with Jawbone, I was able to compete against my brother.  I imagine with further updates to the watch and more widespread use, these updates will come.  I understand that fitness is a very personal thing and that we are each only competing with ourselves but I also enjoy the drive that comes from knowing that my friend and family are also working at this.  That motivation helps me on days when I don’t want to get out and run.  I have set my own personal goals and am working diligently to achieve them.  I think the use of awards is a nice reminder to push myself to achieve my goals.  The Achievement section of the activity app on the iPhone keeps track of how many times I have received an award as well as the last date that I earned it.  I wish there was more history, but I appreciate the fact that it is tracking at least that much for me and it is a click away to see.

iPhone 6+


I got my iPhone 6+ today in the mail.  I love apple products.  I like their design and style.  They look clean and modern to me.  I have friends who feel the same way about their androids.  I think both types of phones are great and each have their own pros and cons.  I’m not here to tell anyone what to buy or which product is better than which other product.  My family uses apple products (including my grandma who just upgraded to the iPhone 6:) ).  The biggest features I look forward to Apple Pay, the upgraded camera and battery in the 6+.   I will keep you updated on how these features work.