Pfizer Covid19 Vaccine #2 Completed!

I was so excited today. I got my second dose of the COVID19 Pfizer vaccine. I’m so happy to be fully vaccinated. Now it is the waiting game to let it all finish building antibodies. I had covid over Christmas and it wasn’t fun. All in all, my family has been safe and made it through this pretty good. My sister and her family got it and I had a best friend I had to take to the ER, we’ve all made it through fine. I’m excited for life to get back to normal and am so grateful that a vaccine was developed so quickly and distributed so efficiently. I know there have been hiccups along the way but my experience was it was an easy and quick process and other than some arm pain, it has been as painless as could be hoped for. Thank you to all the Federal, State and Local government leaders and health care professionals for making all this possible.

National Take a Walk In the Park Day

Zac in front of an empty basketball court and playground equipment.

Today is National Take a Walk in the Park Day. Between zoom calls, I was able to go check my mail and take a quick stroll through my neighborhood park. It’s not a giant park but it is nice to have one so close to my house. It was cold today so no one was at the park but it was still nice to get out and see the sun. I love the outdoors. Do you live near a park? Did you get out and enjoy one today?