Apple Watch on Launch Day!

My apple watch came in today!  I have enjoyed playing with it so far.  I’m sure as I use it for the next few days, I will have more impressions of the watch but as of right now, I really enjoy it.  The interface is a bit different than the iPhone and the side button will take some getting used to.  I have been impressed with its capabilities.  Tonight, I tested listening to music on my wireless beats (paired to my iPhone) while controlling the music with my watch.  I also was able to control my Apple TV using the remote app on the watch while listening to the my beats.  I have multiple Apple TVs and I like how easy it is to switch between them in the app on the remote.  Here is me pulling it out of the box.  (The box is a nice plastic box and velvet lined.



When pairing it, the setup is on the phone.  I love the logo they display.



Here is a picture of my watch tonight as I go to bed.




I am excited to take it out for a run tomorrow 🙂