Meal Prep

I love doing meal prep!  I have been doing meal prep off and on for just over a year.  I recently have built a new home and one of the things I wanted in it was the ability to really spread out and do meal prep.  I am so glad I got it.  I love my island where I can lay it all out.Meal prepThis is one of my recent meal prep meals.  This week I did a couple of scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Yogurt with fresh raspberries as a mid morning snack and taco soup for lunch.  Meal prep is great because I can plan out what I am going to eat for the week, make sure it fits in my macros, run to the store and then get it all done.  It makes the week so much smoother, I feel like I eat better and I save money.




HomePod: Day 1

So I got my HomePod today.  I was disappointed with BestBuy.  I ordered the preorder through them and had a Feb 9 date but it was the ship date.  Setup was super easy.  My iPhone X instantly saw it once it was plugged in and away it went.  The trick with it is the “Home” App.  The HomePod settings all live in there.  I received a call from my grandma on it and the sound was really clear.  It was easy to trade it back off to my iPhone.  It works really well with the room setup I have with my hue lights.  So far, I am really impressed with the HomePod.  I am excited to play with it for the next few days.