Apple Watch Workout App at the Gym

I have been really excited to use the Workout App that comes on the Apple Watch when I am at the gym. I have been going to Planet Fitness and have really liked the environment and feel there. I love the 30 minute circuit that they have setup. In the circuit, there are 10 different weight machines and 10 stations to use a step. As I move from station to station, I alternate between a weight machine and a step. They have a red light and green light that let you know when to start and stop and move from station to station. I used my Apple watch today while I was doing the circuit. I still kept my iPhone with me so that I could use the “numbers” app to record the weight I used on each machine. (I find it helpful to track weight so the next time I do the circuit I know where I am and can move up when I start to feel comfortable and can push myself to bump up to the next weight level). The apple watch worked pretty well. In the workout app, I chose the “Other” category (the only preset category they have that relates to the weight equipment is the rowing machine). When you choose “other” the apple watch uses the heart rate monitor to determine calories burned. It was interesting to watch my heart rate as I finished on each of the machines. I am happy with the watch and that it is able to record other workouts.