Astronomy Apple Watch Face

First off, I have still am using the Mickey Mouse watch face.  I think its funny that Mickey blinks every 15 seconds.  I have been experimenting with using the Astronomy face.  I really enjoy the Astronomy face, I think it is really nice looking and I enjoy the day and night views.  I also think it is cool that I can use the digital crown and view where it will be light and dark in the future or past on the Earth face.    This is what the watch face does as day turns into night.  I have advanced it 12 hours ahead to show day again.



The same digital crown functionality works on the moon face. When I am on the moon face, it shows the different phases and I can see how long till the next full moon etc.


When I am on the planets face, I can go forward or backward to see where the planets were or will be at a specific point in time.


I also like the digital time rather than analog.  I can’t add any of the complications such as calendar, battery status, weather, activity, etc. so I don’t think that I will be able to use this face on a daily basis since I rely heavily on the calendar complication.  I really enjoy seeing my calendar on my watch face rather than using glances or the app.  I am hopeful with future updates to apple watch that they will add the ability to put complications on this face so that I could use this watch face.    I think it is a very nice looking watch face, with some fun, albeit, not useful, functionality.