I have been really excited to use the Workout App that comes on the Apple Watch when I am at the gym. I have been going to Planet Fitness and have really liked the environment and feel there. I love the 30 minute circuit that they have setup. In the circuit, there are 10 different weight machines and 10 stations to use a step. As I move from station to station, I alternate between a weight machine and a step. They have a red light and green light that let you know when to start and stop and move from station to station. I used my Apple watch today while I was doing the circuit. I still kept my iPhone with me so that I could use the “numbers” app to record the weight I used on each machine. (I find it helpful to track weight so the next time I do the circuit I know where I am and can move up when I start to feel comfortable and can push myself to bump up to the next weight level). The apple watch worked pretty well. In the workout app, I chose the “Other” category (the only preset category they have that relates to the weight equipment is the rowing machine). When you choose “other” the apple watch uses the heart rate monitor to determine calories burned. It was interesting to watch my heart rate as I finished on each of the machines. I am happy with the watch and that it is able to record other workouts.

Happy Friday, and one week since the launch of the watch.  I am a huge fan of everything Disney.  I go to Disneyland a few times a year.  I have had an annual pass there for years.  I will be going back next month and will use my watch with apple pay.  I will post pictures of how it works.  Since I’m such a fan of Disney, I figured I should start with the Mickey Mouse watch face and see how it goes.  I have given it a week and have really liked the face.  It has been different moving back to an analog face since I’ve been used to the digital time on my phone.  I love Mickey’s tapping foot as the second hand.  I think it is really fun.  I stumbled across an article saying that if you line up apple watches, they will all tap at the same time.  When I went into the apple store to try on my watch, I lined up two apple watch display models and v

erified the tapping foot.  One feature of the face that I really like is that between 6-12, Mickey’s head faces left but between 12-6 it faces right.  Its nice that his head moves so that it looks a little less painful for Mickey when he is giving me the time.  I am impressed by the little details that make the experience that much more pleasant for the end user.  I have posted the images below :). IMG_3567 IMG_3552

Today I went running with the apple watch.  I used the activity app and thought it was a good experience.  I went this morning for 35 minutes.  I found that the activity app reads my heartbeat every 5 seconds when using the app and every 10 minutes normally.  After the run, my battery life was 93 percent on my watch (I have the screen brightness set on medium).  I was impressed with the app.  I have always used the Nike+GPS app.  I will give that one a try on Monday and compare the two.



My apple watch came in today!  I have enjoyed playing with it so far.  I’m sure as I use it for the next few days, I will have more impressions of the watch but as of right now, I really enjoy it.  The interface is a bit different than the iPhone and the side button will take some getting used to.  I have been impressed with its capabilities.  Tonight, I tested listening to music on my wireless beats (paired to my iPhone) while controlling the music with my watch.  I also was able to control my Apple TV using the remote app on the watch while listening to the my beats.  I have multiple Apple TVs and I like how easy it is to switch between them in the app on the remote.  Here is me pulling it out of the box.  (The box is a nice plastic box and velvet lined.



When pairing it, the setup is on the phone.  I love the logo they display.



Here is a picture of my watch tonight as I go to bed.




I am excited to take it out for a run tomorrow 🙂



Beats 1

I love my beats headphones.  I have white and silver mac products so I went with the matching white headphones.  I bought the Beats Wireless Studio with Adaptive Noise Cancellation.  The noise canceling is really nice on them.  I recently was on a flight and the noise canceling cut out the sound of the plain.  I like that I can listen to them both wirelessly and wired.  I sit near an AC vent at work and these headphones block out that noise well.

The one thing that I don’t like about them is the fact that when the battery dies, so does the music.  I cannot listen to them once the battery is dead when plugging them into my device.  I think it is too bad that the speakers are tied to the battery and there is no way to bypass the noise canceling and continue to use the headphones like regular headphones.  Other than that, I love them.  They are super comfortable.  I bought mine at best buy.  I tried on each pair of beats and these were the most comfortable to me.


I got my iPhone 6+ today in the mail.  I love apple products.  I like their design and style.  They look clean and modern to me.  I have friends who feel the same way about their androids.  I think both types of phones are great and each have their own pros and cons.  I’m not here to tell anyone what to buy or which product is better than which other product.  My family uses apple products (including my grandma who just upgraded to the iPhone 6:) ).  The biggest features I look forward to Apple Pay, the upgraded camera and battery in the 6+.   I will keep you updated on how these features work.